Conserving the World’s Remaining Intact Forests (commentary)

July 27th, 2017|

Commentary by Michael Painter and David Wilkie

Dr. Michael Painter is a senior technical advisor at WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society). Dr. David Wilkie is Executive Director for the WCS Conservation Measures and Communities program. The views expressed are their own.

  • Intact forests are among the few places on earth where native trees and animals can fulfill their ecological roles outside the influence of industrial humankind.
  • Some interpret “intact” to mean absent the influence of people, but people have lived within forests the world over for millennia and we are only beginning to understand how they have – and continue to – influence […]

A Small Family Funder Trying to Cure What Ails Environmentalism

July 27th, 2017|

By Tate Willliams

Sometimes it’s the smaller foundations that take on the most audacious goals. Like the Bullitt Foundation, with its deep-green commercial office building and accompanying green building program. Or Heron’s unparalleled commitment to impact investing. Or Wallace Global Fund’s incubation of the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Read the full Inside Philanthropy Article:(PDF) A Small Family Funder Trying to Cure What Ai ls Environmentalism — Inside Philanthropy

The Roddenberry Fellowship application opens July 25th.

July 14th, 2017|

Starting on July 25th, The Roddenberry Foundation will begin searching for 20 activists, organizers, and changemakers who are working to make the US a more equitable and inclusive place to live. Selected fellows will receive $50,000 and tailored support to help implement a project or initiative in one of four areas.





For more information  or to apply: https://roddenberryfellowship.org

Thoreau’s Wilderness Legacy, Beyond the Shores of Walden Pond

July 13th, 2017|

By Douglas Brinkley

On April 23, 1851, Henry David Thoreau spoke at the Concord Lyceum about the interrelationship of God, man and nature. It was the opening salvo of the modern American conservation movement. Equating sauntering with absolute freedom, Thoreau, whose “Walden” would be published three years later, ended his oration with eight words that in coming decades helped save the Maine woods, Cape Cod, Yosemite and other treasured American landscapes: “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” The sentiment became popularized when The Atlantic published Thoreau’s essay “Walking” in May 1862, with the line as […]

Spyware in Mexico Targeted Investigators Seeking Students

July 13th, 2017|

MEXICO CITY — A team of international investigators brought to Mexicoto unravel one of the nation’s gravest human rights atrocities was targeted with sophisticated surveillance technology sold to the Mexican government to spy on criminals and terrorists.

Read the full article at the New York Times

DiCaprio, Mexico in push to save vaquita porpoise

June 30th, 2017|

Earlier this month Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto agreed to increase efforts to save the vaquita marina porpoise, burying the hatchet in a Twitter feud over the endangered species.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2017-06-dicaprio-mexico-vaquita-porpoise.html#jCp


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For the Fishes’ app helps protect coral reef fish

June 30th, 2017|

From the:

Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge prize winners blogs series – For the Fishes Tank Watch
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National Parks Meet a New Age of Activism

May 4th, 2017|

For more than a century, national parks have amazed and delighted. But they’ve also divided. A longtime Sunset writer takes a look at America’s Best Idea in the age of anxiety.

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Launching IHRFG’s latest research!

February 9th, 2017|

The Foundation Center and International Human Rights Funders Group has published their 2017 Edition of

Advancing Human Rights Update on Global Foundation Grantmaking

and have also released their latest research:


including Environmental and Resource Rights:


and Human Rights Defenders:


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How Foundations Can Stay Relevant in the Age of Networks

December 1st, 2016|

An op-ed from the Chronicle of Philanthropy […]

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