We offer small-group fellowship that our members value highly, which enables us to:

  • “go deep” on issues through our unique collection of active, engaged and integrated networks and programs;
  • offer follow-through and continuity, well beyond offering an interesting series of briefings and meetings;
  • be outcomes-oriented, with members actively looking for linkages, partnerships, and collaborative ventures;

CGBD is future-oriented, with its Horizon Committee’s scenario planning, trends monitoring and analysis, and a continuing search for emerging issues that will affect our members’ grantmaking.

We have an estimable professional staff of 11, most of whom members hold advanced degrees, subject-matter expertise, as well as rich experience in the field and in association management.

How We Work

The CGBD is a member-driven consortium that supports foundation activity in the field of biodiversity conservation. The CGBD serves as a hub for networking, learning and collaboration for its members.

The CGBD Board of Directors approves program areas developed by the membership for specific concentration. The program areas represent an impressively broad scope of biodiversity conservation issues. The CGBD strategy is to focus on a few key projects in each program area where the strength of a group can be used most effectively.

What We Do

The CGBD organizes Programs to target attention on selected topics and to explore the process of strategic, collaborative grantmaking. Programs of 25-50 interested funders convene on a regular basis through conference calls and meetings.

The CGBD secretariat meets with NGO representatives at their request, at staff invitation, or CGBD member request. The secretariat does not recommend proposals or projects to members. It offers advice on and may suggest possible avenues for support.